Labour of Love Kit

Introducing the ‘Labour of Love’ kit. 

This kit has been designed to help woman (down there👇🏼) after they have given birth.

All the items are packed in this handy travel bag so that its more convenient to put straight into your hospital bag. 

In this kit you will find a perineal bottle or Peri Bottle Nozzle to spray water while you wee to help stop the burning sensation, a donut cushion + pump to help take the pressure off your backside while you sit down (especially good if you have haemorrhoids after giving birth), a gel cooling pad, a soothing spray kit from @viva_la_vulva_nz to help ease the pain and swelling in that region as well as Witch Hazel.

You can purchase the Labour of Love kit or you can pick individual products from the Labour of Love kit to buy. 

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