The O T E. Story...


The O T E. baby story...


I had a pretty straight forward birth but the days and months following the arrival of my son i was in complete agony. I had to have stitches and had a bruised tailbone from the forceps and I was in a lot of pain. I didn't have any products on hand to help with my recovery and thought this pain was normal. 

It meant i couldn't sit down for weeks and had to breastfeed lying down. I hated when visitors came over as i couldn't sit on the couch normally, i had to lie down to take the pressure of my backside. 

After i was all healed i found these great products on the market and wished i had known about them earlier! 

If you have a product that helped you after you gave birth please let me know! I would love to pass this wisdom and knowledge of these amazing products onto new mums to help them. Send me an email and let me know –

On the flip side, if you sell amazing products we would love to hear from you. Send an email to with a photo and description of your products and we will get back to you.


The O T E. remember story... 

When my Poppa George passed away we were inundated with beautiful bouqets of flowers being delivered to my Nannas house. We ran to of vases and room to put them all. I have really bad hay fever so the house became unbearable for me. Also as the flowers started to wilt which meant you couldn't help but be reminded of death.

This made me think... surely there is something else people can send in lieu of flowers and something which is a lot more personal. This is how i came up with O T E. remember.

The items inside our remember gift boxes have a personal touch and will hopefully bring a small amount of comfort to the person who has lost a loved one or pet.  


Thanks for coming on this journey with me!


Genna xxx


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